Monday, June 27, 2011


This is one of those project that should have been quick and simple and yet.... it took nearly 4 years to complete. The pattern is modified Jo Sharp Box Stitch Jacket from Jo Sharp Handknitting Collection Book 8, Eclectic. The yarn is Biggan Designs 8ply in Aubergine 855.

It wasn't that the pattern was hard to follow but more the dark colour in double moss stitch worked at night seemed to lead to constant frogging. It was easier to put the project aside and work on something else. However it weighed on my mind because this garment wasn't for me but one of my dearest friends. So this year, with no income per se for knitting, I am slowly finishing off all those half done projects and instead of buying yarn delving into my stash. Been very good for the soul even if the mind has other ideas.

I'll have a few more to share once the sun returns so I can take some photos.

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