Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal

I am a resident of Queensland and have been horrified by the events of the past 3 weeks within my home state. Three-quarters of the state have been declared a disaster zone. The size of the state is 1,852,642 km2 (715,309 sq mi) with a population of 4,516,361 persons with more than 2,004,262 living in Brisbane alone. Most of the population is concentrated in the South East. Flooding has occurred across nearly all of the state with many population centres being affected either directly or indirectly.

My family and I have been very lucky. We haven't sufferred directly from the flooding. We were far enough away from the Caboolture River. Unfortunately others were not so lucky.

I would like to donate all profits from sales of my patterns on Ravelry and any of the items that are currently in my Etsy store to the Premiers Flood Appeal. Unfortunately I am unable to do anymore dying at this point in time as I can't get anything to dry let alone have light for photography.

I shall keep you updated on monies that are donated.

If you would like to donate directly you can do so at the Premier's Flood Appeal

Keep safe and smiling :-)

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