Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

At school today it is Crazy Hair day to raise money for the Leukimia Foundation though some of the children are going to whole way and doing the Shave for a Cure. Here's how my two left the house.
Last year we did the hair colour thing but not this time. Between the chemicals and aerosol of a spray, not to mention the cost and the fact that you could hardly see the colour in their hair anyway. Most importantly they were happy though Anna has asked me to put more plaits in her hair tonight. Might make the others fall straighter as well. She's been told she can leave it in until Sunday and then we have to go 'normal' again. Have to admit it would be the easiest way to keep her hair tidy and it knots very easily.

Now I'm going to go and hide back under my rock and hope this head cold doesn't get any worse.

Keep smiling :-)

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