Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet Ms Izzy

Greg and I had an agreement to no more pets. We already have an English Springer Spaniel, Marley and two moggies Sammy and Rooster and of course two children. However we've decided to break our agreement.

Yesterday I dropped two children of at school (Yippee!) and came home with a little kitten. She was hanging around the uniform shop and looked to have slept under there. She doesn't appear starved, just hungry and she is extremely affectionate and has a beautiful nature. She has just curled up onto my lap as I type. So we've told the children that she will stay, though we will still look for her owners. Her full name is Isolde, which means beautiful in gaelic but to make things easier it is shortened to Izzy.

Who could resist such innocence.

Keep smiling :-)

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