Monday, November 24, 2008

Strawberries for Miss J

I promised a little friend of mine that I would post some photos of strawberry flowers. So here they are Miss J. First the flowers...

Next you can see the strawberry beginning to form...

And finally a strawberry almost ready to eat...

As for the rest of the garden it is growing quite well. The storms last weekend did leave everything looking very limp but it has recovered over the week.

Lady bug on a rockmelon (cantelope) plant...

And finally my foopah...

I thought I was cutting back the cucumber but instead it was rockmelon and of course the only two fruit that have formed. The kids and I will cut them this afternoon to investigate how they grow as I think that they are too underdeveloped to ever ripen. I am going to be in big trouble this afternoon from my rockmelon loving children and with prices around $5 at the moment they are not coming from the shop.

This final photo shows just how strong the winds and rain were during the storms last weekend...
Normally you can walk between the house and the garden. We have quite a few other bushes and trees in the same sorry state. They will have to be trimmed during the week.

Keep smiling :-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Spinning

I've just finished another spinning project. I've called it Cantelope due of course to the colour. My son constantly referred to it as 'prawn' the whole time I was spinning the fibre and I just couldn't get the name out of my head.

Fibre: 100% Corriedale from Maine Woods Yarn
Ply: 2
Weight 100gms of fingering weight
Keep smiling :-)

Shawls on the go ....

One of my favourite items to knit are lace shawls. I just love working the patterns. To me a good lace pattern is one that flows easily to your needles and easily becomes etched in your head so that you know instantly when you have made a mistake.

These are my two current shawl projects:

Firstly the Autumn Shawl by the Unique Sheep in her tencel sock- except mine is named the Sangria shawl as this is the colour that I"m working in.

The second shawl is another Laminaria. I enjoyed my first so much I had to come back for more. This time I've used the colourway Woodland in Fleece Artists Suri Blue.

Keep smiling :-)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Visitor

While out in the back yard today we discovered that we have a visitor.

Yes it is a Koala and no this isn't a common visitor though in the 12 years we've lived here this is our second Koala visitor. The first tried to climb the glass sliding door. Gives you quite a scare when you are in bed to here that noise. And have you seen their claws? - very good for climbing hardwood trees. This little one mights stay for a day or two and then she'll be off to forage for food.

Many people have blamed domestic animals for the loss of so many koalas (they have become and endangered species) but finally we are beginning to admit that it is humans that are responsible. We are decimating their habitat for our own housing. We are just lucky that we live in a more rural area and can enjoy our native heritage - kangaroos used to be regular visitors as well.

Keep smiling :-)