Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've not totally disappeared

I have, however, had sick children home from school all last week. Not very conducive to any working for me. Fortunately they have recovered and were packed back off to school yesterday.

Today I thought I might introduce you to my work areas. I have 4 specific areas around the house assigned to my different activities.

In the lounge would be my most used area as this is where I sit and knit with everything I would normally need at my fingertips.

Then the library (the house plan called it a dining room) is my spinning space. I have both my spinning wheel set up here and my spindles are on the table.

Behind the lounge is the weaving zone. My wonderful man made me the frame for my rigid heddle which makes it much easier to use. The table loom is an Ashford 4 shaft which I'm yet to learn how to use.
My final space is my actual workroom which these days could be better called the storage room. It is where I do my finishing, blocking and photography and sometimes the occasional bit of sewing.And this is the kids workspace. I only rearranged it yesterday because I was tired of not being able to walk down the hallway. Hopefully they will be a bit better contained.

Next post I'll show you some of the goodies that have arrived in the post over the last couple of weeks.

Keep smiling :-)

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