Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm feeling inspired

Yesterday the lovely FedEx man delivered this wonderful book to my door. It is 300 Lace Stitches and yes it is in Japanese. This is not a problem as the Japanese are so good at visual explanations. All the patterns are charted and even though there were a few symbols that I didn't recognise the glossary in the back provides visual explanation of how to complete each stitch even the cables. So if you like some of the Japanese stitch dictionaries don't be put off by thinking you can't read them because you don't need to.

I've already charted a lace stole pattern using the book which I've tentatively called 'Lace Rose Garden' because the patterns I've used are a trellis, a leaf and a flower as well as the fact that the yarn, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, is called Rose Garden. I'll let you know how it goes.

And here is the prototype of my Circular Needle Case. It does require a little refinement but
not bad for the first shot.

There is room for all my tools. I keep my everyday tools in a little metal tin but this has room for longer items such as rulers and stitch holder.

See the clever use of CD-holders. Took a little while to find the right sort as some the needles would have just fallen right out

The two things I'm not that happy with are one - the magnetic clasp as it sits too high, I'll have to find something that sits more flush and two - made the inside lining in a number of pieces whereas next time I'll try and make it as one single piece. And I have to remember that when placing the cardboard onto the fabric everything is reverse. It worked well for the outside because it means that the case opens perfectly for a left handed person such as myself but if I was doing it for someone else then I have to use my brain.

Keep smiling :-)

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