Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love the postman

because he brings me lovely things.

Two packages today. One from Amazon contained my very own copy of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern.

It is just a lovely reference book with pages and pages of inspiration. I love this paragraph in the Epilogue
"First and foremost, I wanted this book to inspire you - not to look at my life and work in awe, but to see how simple and approachable a creative life is. It's not about adding layers to your life, but about stripping away obstacles. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles any of us face. Fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of inadequacy. Don't allow your fears and anxieties to overshadow your passions. Life itself is an artistic expression, so you already have the capacity tot create beauty. You don't have to be an expert drawer or painter, or even seamstress. You just have to bring to fruition the ideas in your life that inspire you and that will help make life better for others." Amy Butler
The second package came from Renaissance Dyeing in France. It is four skeins of beautiful lace weight in Dappled Lime.

No idea what will become of it but I'm sure it won't take me long to come up with something.

Keep smiling :-)

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