Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm in Fibre Heaven

Today was the annual Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists Open Day and I was in heaven. It was just lovely to wander around and see what people had on offer. I was drawn mainly to the roving and handspun. I met up with a few friends (always more fun to share) and we indulged in a little retail therapy.

Here's my stash additions

80 grams of mid grey merino sliver and 84 grams merino sliver blend. I plan to ply these together.

130 grams of Dyed Merino Wool.

270 grams handdyed wool sliver

262 grams of dyed wool sliver and as you can see below I couldn't resist spinning it already. Love the colour combinations.

And how much did this 826 grams of roving cost me .... all of $60! Still can't believe it myself.

And here is my lovely Majacraft Suzie Spinning Wheel. I could photograph her now because I finally have a new drive belt and she is just wonderful to work with. Though I came home to find the dog had been scrambling around her chasing a ball. He managed to damage the brake cord which could only be saved by cutting and retying. Just hope I don't decide to make bulky yarn as I don't think the cord is long enough for loose tension.

Well my wheel is calling so I'm returning.

Keep smiling :-)



Melinda said...

Marian your colours are lovely. They look great on the spindle like that. What ply are you going to make? Do you have any ideas before you begin, or is it just the spinning part that calls you?

Marian said...

Hi Melinda, this ones is going to be a 2ply. Well actually I already have 2 skeins and I'm working on the third. I'll post photos soon. Because at the moment I really need practice I'm just spinning the roving as is. I do however split it lengthways into about four . I find the small amount much easier to spin.