Monday, May 5, 2008

The Beginning

Well I've started to blog a number of times but it looks like I have finally done it. My name is Marian and I am a fibre addict. It is an addiction that has slowly taken hold beginning as a child and slowly increasing until I became a mother. Then it hit me. I couldn't get enough.

I've tried many different crafts - bear making, beading, cross stitch but I've always found myself coming back to fibre and especially yarn.

What really enhanced my addiction was the advent of new yarns. First we had all those novelty yarns which we couldn't get enough of and now can't stand the thought of using. Then I started to discover good quality yarns and my addiction was fixed.

Now we have the wonderful revolution of hand dyed and organic yarns, not to mention all these wonderful natural fibres such as bamboo and soy.

All of a sudden I found myself addicted to sock knitting. They were reasonably quick, easy to design and not too expensive to make and they allowed me to try out such a wonderful variety of yarns from all over the world. And then came lace. It just looks so wonderful when completed and blocked. There are times when I'm knitting and wondering just what I saw in this pattern. Then the blocking would be complete and I'd remember why.

And of course I ran off on other tangents. I have four Ashford looms: mini inkle, full size inkle, 80cm rigid heddle and a 24" four-shaft table loom. These haven't had a lot of use at the present time but will definitely be used. I had a point where I was making a decent amount of money so I bought my 'toys' which now I couldn't afford.

Spinning of course is my other passion. I was lucky enough to score a secondhand Majacraft Suzie which is a joy to spin with. I also love using spindles and my collection includes a student Ashford and my pride and joys: a featherweight Purpleheart Bosworth and a mid Canarywood Bosworth.

One thing I have definitely learnt is to buy the best equipment you can (even if secondhand) because it will make the enjoyment of your craft so much more.

Keep smiling :-)

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